Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask

Charcoal + Seaweed + Bentonite Detox Mask

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It was formulated by the owner of Romeo + Madden for her own skin, to combat her adult acne, fade acne scars and prevent dead skin cells from building up to avoid more breakouts. In the process, she found that it did all this, but noticed it was also reducing her fine lines and tightening her pores. 

It contains 8 ingredients that will:

  • draw out dirt, oil, makeup + toxins that will later form into blackheads
  • help regulate natural oil flow (sebum production) to avoid excess oil build up that is, whiteheads
  • exfoliates and removes dead skin cells 
  • heals existing breakouts
  • allows your pores to tighten without any blockages
  • fade acne scars 
  • even skin tone and brighten your complexion

All this in just one 10 minute application per week!